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Wishful Yo Glow Tropical Fruits Enzyme Scrub 40ml

Wishful Yo Glow Tropical Fruits Enzyme Scrub 40ml

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Cute and collectable, this limited-edition Wishful Yo Glow Tropical Fruits Enzyme Scrub is a must-have for all the Yo Glow™ devotee’s and WISHFUL newbies! It’s packed with the same signature ingredients as Yo Glow ™ (pineapple & papaya enzymes as well as AHA & BHAs), plus a new delicious scent of tropical fruits and flowers that will transport you to a paradise island. The fruity twist and lightweight, milky texture will feel like you’re wrapping your skin in sunshine, wherever you are in the world!

What It Does
Suitable for all skin types, the hybrid formula gently provides an enzyme, acid, and physical exfoliation to deliver all the benefits without the downtime (no irritation and no redness). Buff away dead skin cells and create the perfect makeup base for the day ahead or use it in the evening as an extra step in your night-time ritual. Your skin will look glowy, more even and brighter than ever. Expect instant and long-term results with continued use!

Key ingredients:
- Papaya Fruit Extract: Known to smooth and increase skin clarity leaving a radiant glow.
- Pineapple Fruit Extract: Helps to gently exfoliate, reduce dark spots and soothe skin.
- BHA & AHAs: Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids that help to exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce dark spots and even skin texture and complexion.
- Cellulose: A soft, gentle exfoliant that evens skin texture and complexion

Wish List:
- Healthy Glow
- Re-texturizing
- Brightening
- Even Skin Tone

Top Consumer Claims:

*99% agreed that their skin felt softer.
*98% agreed that their skin appeared to have less impurities.

10 Days:
*99% agreed their skin felt refreshed.
*95% of people agreed their skin felt smoother and softer.

28 Days:
*100% agreed that the product was gentle to their skin.
*97% agreed their skin had a healthy glow.

* Tested on a panel of 60 people of all skin types, tones & sexes, under dermatological control.


- Apply a generous amount on clean dry skin.
- Gently massage in a circular motion to roll and sweep away impurities.
- Rinse well with warm water.
- Suitable for daily use.

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