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STARSKIN The Gold Eye Mask 5ml (Single)

STARSKIN The Gold Eye Mask 5ml (Single)

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Energise your under-eyes with the STARSKIN The Gold Eye Mask. This single-use eye mask is designed to boost the delicate eye contour with a rejuvenating treatment, targeting various skincare concerns – such as puffiness, crow’s feet and fatigue.

Crafted from gold foil-topped cellulose fabric, the innovative mask traps heat to lock in the concentrated serum, aiding absorption for effective results. The formula features 83% Rose of Jericho, known for its revitalising properties. Replete with anti-ageing benefits, this powerhouse ingredient helps soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles while it battles uneven texture and tone.

Marshmallow works to soothe irritation for a calm and comfortable finish. Butcher’s Broom brightens the eye area as Butterfly Ginger offers protection from blue light, supporting a radiant, youthful-looking appearance. The eye mask adheres perfectly to the intricate contour, providing no-slip wear for an easy, stress-free experience. Helping to maximise flawless makeup application, the STARSKIN eye patches set to work in just 15 minutes, leaving the delicate eye area smooth and bright.


1. Start with clean, dry skin.

2. Remove masks from protective layers.

3. Apply under eyes leaving space between mask and lash line.

4. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and discard. Gently pat in remaining serum. Do not rinse.

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