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ICONIC London Precision Duo Contour Pot

ICONIC London Precision Duo Contour Pot

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Shade: Light Shadows – a barely-there beauty that offers a whisper of beige to your skin.

It’s time to discover a brand new way to contour. Introducing our ICONIC Precision Duo Contour Pots. Forget harsh lines and VCLs (that’s visible contour lines, babes!), 2021’s clever contouring update means you’re left with a seamless, blown-out BEAUTIFUL finish… every single time. Get ready to be WOWED by the transformative textures – a cream base with a velvety setting powder. Think soft, sculpted cheekbones and sweeping, shaded shadows - this is contouring, the MODERN way. Are you ready to Shape Set Seal? You bet you are…

Wanna know the secret to seriously seamless shading? It’s all in two texture innovation. Our unique layering contour combo allows you to sculpt your features with a feather-light cream base before locking in your look with a soft-as-suede ultra-fine powder. Plus, both have a beautifully matte finish to create a natural look – no shine needed babes! The result? A long-lasting, natural-looking contour that’s got to be seen to be believed! Trust us, you won’t want a filter when your glam’s this good…

Enhance the natural beauty of your features, combining complementary cream and powder hues. The stacked compact is ideal for travel, complete with a handy mirror.


1. Apply the Cream from the base pot to the hollows of your face and blend.

 2. Apply your foundation in dabbing motions with a blender.

3. Layer the Powder from the top pot over the same areas as the Cream to enhance and set your contour. Can also be used without foundation.

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