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thisworks love sleep play time kit

thisworks love sleep play time kit

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A light-hearted pillow spray and eye mask duo to help you get in the mood for decadent evenings of intimacy followed by a better night’s sleep.

thisworks is an award-winning British skincare brand, renowned for delivering clean targeted skincare solutions that optimise skin performance 24 hours a day, based on the body clock. Using ingredients that harness the best in nature at their cleanest and most effective.

Reclaim the bedroom, ban the smartphone and prioritise intimacy and sleep with this Ylang Ylang and Patchouli relaxing bedtime pillow mist proven to activate areas of the brain associated with relaxation and pleasure.

WHEN: A relaxing pillow spray to help you disconnect from your day and reconnect with your partner at bedtime, paving the way to better sleep.

HOW: Ylang Ylang and Patchouli essential oils combine to get you in the mood while thisworks' encapsulated deep sleep scent promotes more restorative sleep and fresher mornings.

WHY: Switching off from the day and tuning into touch and togetherness will positively impact your sleep and overall wellbeing.


Shake the bottle and spray directly onto bed linen.

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