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MUDMASKY Vitamin-Infused Eye Serum

MUDMASKY Vitamin-Infused Eye Serum

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The Vitamin-Infused Eye Serum contains vitamin a blend of all natural Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for firming the skin. It has a refreshing effect and a powerful antioxidant effect. This serum is ideal for all skin types and is considered as superfood for your skin. Produced fresh in small batches in Amsterdam.

The skin around our eyes is not only the thinnest but also the most delicate of our body. It is 10x times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face. This makes the eye area the first place where signs of premature skin aging appear, such as dark circles, fine lines and bags under the eyes. Due the effective ingredients this eye serum helps the skin look smooth and youthful. It has a strong anti-aging effect and suitable for every skin type.


1. Wash your hands and face.

2. Apply a few drops underneath your eyes.

3. Leave on during the day or night.

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