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ICONIC Mattifying Paper

ICONIC Mattifying Paper

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For the days you can't be bothered with powder, or you want to nix areas of excess oil without diminishing your glow, make room in your makeup bag for ICONIC Mattifying Papers.

Made from ultra-absorbent materials, they’re perfect for soaking up excess sebum and oil, touching up your T-zone and mattifying your makeup.

ICONIC London Mattifying Papers won't disrupt your makeup but will expertly zap away any unwanted shine. From midday T-zone touch-ups to fixing your face on a night out — you can easily get filter-flawless skin on-the-go.

Housed discreetly in a super slimline booklet, our Mattifying Papers are a handbag essential… easy to carry around, even in the teeniest of clutch bags! Plus, they’re so simple to use; you don’t even need a mirror.


At ICONIC London it’s no secret that we’re lovers of the glow, but we also don’t want to be super shiny all over. Sound familiar? Use our Mattifying Papers to target unwanted areas of shine while leaving others — like your cheekbones — to glow.

Simply tear a sheet and press gently against the areas you want to nix excess oil (like your forehead, under eyes and chin) and watch as they magically mattify your complexion.

ICONIC London Mattifying Papers can also be used to prep the skin before makeup, removing excess oil and to help improve the longevity of your makeup base.

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