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First Aid Beauty Body Care Bundle

First Aid Beauty Body Care Bundle

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A two-piece bundle featuring exfoliating body pads and a best-selling anti-chafe stick.

The First Aid Beauty Body Care Bundle targets a variety of skin concerns that can contribute to sensitivity with two nourishing formulas.

Set Contents:

Anti-Chafe Stick 30ml
This easy-to-use stick defends against dryness and friction caused by chafing. Enriched with colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and bisabolol, the formula provides a sense of comfort to the skin. Simply apply anywhere you may be experiencing chafing for a soothing effect.

Ingrown Hair Treatment Pads x 28
Enriched with exfoliating acids, these multi-purpose pads target the appearance of redness, razor bumps and ingrown hairs post-shave. The formula works to decongest areas of the skin that can trap hairs for clarified, smooth-looking results.


Stick: Use 4-5 swipes, or as many swipes as needed to cover the area. Apply to the inner thighs or anywhere you experience chafing.

Pads: Begin using the day after shaving. Swipe the pad over clean, dry skin. If used on the face, ensure SPF is worn daily.

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