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Poreless Putty Face Primers are the #1 mass primer in America.*

Voted Best Mass Primer by Influenster!

The ultimate skin perfecting poreless face primer

This skin perfecting poreless putty primer is infused with Squalane to help grip makeup for all-day wear and help protect skin from moisture loss. The velvety texture glides effortlessly over the skin, smoothing over imperfections while helping minimize the appearance of pores for a poreless effect.

Key Benefits:

  1. Grips makeup for all-day wear & a flawless finish
  2. Infused with Squalane for optimal hydration
  3. Smooth, velvety texture glides over skin seamlessly
  4. Perfect for all skin types

Which Putty Primer is perfect for you?

  • Poreless Putty Primer- Perfect for those who want a poreless, flawless complexion.
  •  Matte Putty Primer– Perfect for those who want a shine-free matte complexion.
  •   Luminous Putty Primer– Perfect for those who want a radiant, glowing complexion.

Pro Tip: Use the Putty Primer Applicator for easy and hygienic putty primer application.


  • Step 1: For easy and hygienic primer application, use spatula end of Putty Primer Brush and Applicator to scoop out Poreless Putty Primer.
  • Step 2: Use the brush end of Putty Primer Brush and Applicator to apply and blend a thin, even amount of face primer to moisturize skin prior to makeup application.
  • Step 3: Allow primer to set for 30 seconds before applying foundation.

Pro tip: You can also apply primer to eyelids prior to eyeshadow application to lock your eyeshadow in place.

Poreless Putty Face Primer FAQs:

Is face primer good for my skin?
Yes, face primer can help with blurring the appearance of pores. It also infuses extra hydration into the skin, creates a matte surface for your foundation, and helps your makeup last longer.

What does Poreless Putty Primer do?

Poreless Putty Primer is infused with squalane to help grip makeup for long-lasting wear and a flawless finish. This hydrating formula contains a velvety texture that seamlessly glides over skin to help smooth imperfections.

Does face primer reduce the look of pores?
Yes, Poreless Putty Primer helps minimize the appearance of pores for a flawless look!

Is Poreless Putty Primer silicone or water-based?
Poreless Putty Primer is water-based. If you want to find out if a primer is water or silicone-based, you can look at the ingredient list. If you see words ending in -cone, -methicone, or –siloxane in the first few ingredients, then the primer is silicone-based. Water-based primers are usually more lightweight and may be more helpful for normal to dry skin.

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