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BIOVENE Pink Mask Glowing Complexion Peel Off Treatment 100ml

BIOVENE Pink Mask Glowing Complexion Peel Off Treatment 100ml

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Biovene PINK Mask Glowing Complexion Peel-Off Treatment (12.5ml) has been formulated with key ingredients Activated Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid, Strawberry, Argan Oil and Collagen to moisturise, hydrate, and nourish your skin, making it smooth, soft and refreshed with a more glowing appearance.

Activated Charcoal draws out impurities for a clean and fresh-looking skin. Collagen encourages skin firmness and helps reduce the appearance of roughness and wrinkle depth. Strawberries are packed with vitamins, fibre, and high levels of antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment is especially effective on normal, combination and oily skin. Cruelty-free.

Key Benefits:

  • Refreshes - stimulates dewy freshness.
  • Nourishes - lavishes your skin with nourishing care.
  • Hydrates - treats dehydrated skin which appears flaky, dull and dry.
  • Smooths - removes bumps and spots to enhance silkiness.
  • Restores - visibly improves the appearance of your skin.
  • Glow - leaves your skin with a healthy radiance and lustrous look.


Wash face with a warm, moist towel and dry skin.

Apply mask to your nose, chin, and forehead. Avoid eyes and hairy areas.

  • Leave on your skin for 30 minutes. Peel off the mask when it is completely dry.
  • Rinse your face in mild water.
  • Close pores with a skin tonic and complete the treatment with a moisturising cream.

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