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Cetraben Ointment - Dry and Eczema - 120g

Cetraben Ointment - Dry and Eczema - 120g

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Expert Skin Hydration. Cetraben Ointment is an intensely hydrating overnight ointment that locks in moisture to relieve and protect dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. Cetraben Ointment can be applied at any time, but preferably at night to allow the skin time to absorb the rich formulation which helps protects against irritants. A perfect bedside staple for those who suffer with very dry, itchy and eczema prone skin.                                                                                              Cetraben, the first eczema-prone skin care range to be approved by the British Skin Foundation. 



-Adults, the elderly and children over 1 year:Wash hands before and after use. Apply to dry skin areas as often as required. Smooth gently into the skin following direction of hair growth.

-Children under 1 year should be treated under medical supervision.

-As a bath additive: Melt about 4g (roughly a teaspoonful) of Cetraben ointment in hot water in a suitable container. Then add to the bath ensuring that the water has sufficiently cooled before getting in.

-As a soap substitute: Take a small amount of Cetraben ointment from the tub, lather it under warm water and use as required when washing or in the shower. Pat skin dry.

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